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Patients and relatives Why should I (or my kid) participate in the PERS studies?

Why should I (or my kid) participate in the PERS studies?

Your participation in the PERS project will help to increase our knowledge about efficacy and safety of risperidone, particularly in children and adolescents with conduct disorder. One of the PERS studies will focus on long-term safety of risperidone, in various conditions. By carrying out the PERS studies we will also learn more about potential modifiers of the treatment effect and tolerance. This is a first step towards shaping the treatment type or dose to the individual needs.

By participating in the PERS study you will have the opportunity to meet clinicians and researchers from our academic expert teams. Their goal is to optimize treatments and follow up monitoring for children and adolescents with mental conditions, to make those treatments more secure. As a participant, you will be informed about the PERS study progress and will have access to updated research and therapeutic issues.