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The PERS study Work packages

Work Packages

To facilitate the organisation and management, the project is structured in “Work packages” which together comprise the project. PERS consists of 9 work packages (WPs). Each WP is carried out by a varying number of involved parties. The WP leader supervises and adjusts the process flow and works closely with the project office. The activity of the WP will be overseen by the chair of the working group.

  • WP01: Project Management
  • WP02: Short–term efficacy and safety/tolerability of risperidone in children and adolescents with conduct disorder and normal IQ
  • WP03: Long term efficacy study in children and adolescents with CD and a maintained response: a double-blind discontinuation trial
  • WP04: Observational open-label pharmacovigilance study of 1-year
  • WP05: E-Technology and Data-capture
  • WP06: Ethics
  • WP07: Training
  • WP08: Regulatory activities
  • WP09: Dissemination