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The PERS study Work packages WP09

WP09: Dissemination

Leader: AP-HP / D Purper-Ouakil

Primary objective

Dissemination of project progress and results.

Secondary objectives

  1. Coordination of the further development and regular updating of the dissemination and exploitation strategy.
  2. Generation and diffusion of information assets for investigators and participants.
  3. Identification of relevant target groups for dissemination of aims, methods and results of the PERS project and related topics (diagnosis, evidence-based practices, pediatric clinical trials).
  4. Communication with professionals, patient organizations and general public.
  5. Coordination of publication strategies. Target groups for internal dissemination are: WP leaders, investigators, medical/para-medical staff, participants. Target groups for external dissemination: health authorities, secondary care professionals, primary care professionals, scientists, regulatory bodies, patient organizations, scientific societies and practioners associations, and the general public.